Privacy Notice and Policy

At Citibox™ Business Centres Limited we recognise the importance of protecting your privacy, in line with our legal responsibilities. This notice is to advise you how we use any personal information you share with us, via our website. This notice also covers use of your personal information when you purchase, or are a recipient of services purchased, through Citibox™ stores. Your continued use of this site signifies your assent to this Privacy Notice and Policy.

Who we are

Citibox™ Business Centres Limited owns and operates the Citibox™ brand globally, offering services to customers through this website and through Citibox™ stores.

Personal information we collect

We collect your personal information when you enter your details on forms on our website, when you contact us (in writing, by post, email, or posts and messages via the social media platforms that we support, or by phone). We also collect your personal information when you use (or are a recipient) of our services purchased online or through Citibox™ stores.

When you complete a ‘contact us’, ‘service’ or ‘quote request’ form online

When you contact us via this website, by completing an enquiry or ‘contact us’ form, ‘service’ or ‘quote request’, we may need to use your personal details to deal with your query or sales enquiry. The details may include your name, address, landline telephone/mobile number, and/or email and IP address.

In the case of an enquiry on behalf of a company we may collect your company’s name, your position in the company; the company’s address, company’s email address and telephone number.

How long we keep your personal information

We use your personal information only to send you the information you have requested from our company. Unless your enquiry results in the purchase of a service or product, or you have selected to receive news and promotional marketing which may be of interest to you, your personal details will be deleted from our systems 12 months after the conclusion of your enquiry.

Purchases of services or products

When you purchase a service via this website, or through Citibox™ stores in the UK and Ireland, we will use the data supplied to fulfil your order.

Where this involves the provision of an ongoing service (for example, mailbox rental) we will hold your details securely for the duration of the agreement.

Your personal details will be deleted from our systems 12 months after the conclusion of the service or product purchased.

Additional personal information rules applying to Mailbox Rental

We are also required by law, under HMRC rules to hold records for mailbox rental customers for a period of 5 years after the termination of rental, to comply with anti-money laundering regulations. Terms and Conditions of Mailbox Rental

Why we collect your personal information

We collect your personal information to:

  • provide you with products and services that you may request from us or Citibox™ stores
  • check your identity to protect security and prevent fraud, when you use our services
  • improve and develop our services
  • meet our legal obligations

Storing your bank and payment card details

For purchases made online via this website, we do not hold any bank payment card details, these are held securely by our nominated payment partners, WorldPay or Sage Pay.

For purchases made within the Citibox™ store, bank payment card details are held by the payment provider, selected locally. The Citibox™ store will advise the nominated payment provider. on request.

Who we share your personal information with - third parties

Your personal information is only used by Citibox™ Business Centres Limited, or Citibox™ stores, for the purpose(s) detailed above.

We share your personal information with select third party business partners where it is necessary to do so, for the purpose of providing the product or service you have enquired about, or purchased via this website, or through a Citibox™ store.

We will share your personal information with authorities, (including the police, law enforcement agencies, credit reference and fraud prevention agencies and select other bodies), for:

  • prevention and detection of crime
  • the prevention of fraud against Citibox™ Business Centres Limited, Citibox™ stores, third parties or customers,
  • to prevent money laundering
  • for identity verification
  • for the purpose of legal proceedings

We do not sell your personal information to any other third party, for any reason whatsoever. We do not use automated call services and we do not record telephone calls for training, or other purposes.

In cases where your personal information has been passed to a third party as part of provision of a product or service purchased, you may need to contact the third party directly in relation to their continued use of your personal information.

How we keep your personal information secure

Citibox™ Business Centres Limited and/or Citibox™ stores are committed to keeping your personal information secure. All personal information collected via our website is stored on a secure server to protect it from being accessed or used inappropriately.

How we keep your personal information accurate

Citibox™ Business Centres Limited and/or Citibox™ stores will ensure that your personal information is kept accurate and up to date as far as is reasonably possible. We encourage you to advise of any changes to your information and by updating your My Account details on our website.

Where you have opted-in to receive news, periodic offers, or promotional email marketing, we will use only relevant personal information to contact you.

How to access and request a copy of your personal information

You can access your personal information by making a Subject Access Request (SAR).

If you wish to request details of personal information held on systems and in hard copy, stored by Citibox™ stores, please contact the appropriate store directly.

There is no charge for each reasonable request. The Citibox™ store will require details to be able to locate your information and this will include dates and details of store or website visits, emails and the products or services you have used. A simple form to apply for a Subject Access Request will be provided upon request.

News, offers and promotional email marketing

Where you have selected to receive news, periodic offers, or promotional email marketing, by ticking the appropriate box on our web forms, we will use only relevant personal information to contact you.

We may communicate with you by email, post, phone, SMS text message and social media posts and messaging where you have provided consent at the time we collect your personal information.

Updating your preferences

You can change your personal information and marketing preferences at any time through your My Account area on our website. However our use of your personal information will not be affected by the opt-ins or opt-outs you select, if you have provided information to a Citibox™ store or through other means,

If you do not wish to receive information by email from Citibox™ Business Centres Limited, please use the unsubscribe feature on any promotional email received, email us quoting, 'please unsubscribe me' in the subject line, or use our ‘contact us’ form to request that your details are removed from our database. In this case, we will only retain your personal information, where our legal or regulatory obligations require us to do so.

Where we collect your personal information from

Citibox™ Business Centres Limited and/or Citibox™ stores collect your personal information:

  • directly from you when you complete a form on our website, register with us and/or select the option to receive news, information and promotional marketing from us
  • from third parties who use our products and services including information recorded on mail or parcels sent to you by a third party
  • from Citibox™ stores, including when you enquire about or purchase a service in a Citibox™ store
  • from third parties who hold and supply marketing lists for sale or otherwise in the public domain
  • from third parties when we undertake a payment authorisation or when undertaking an identity check
  • when you purchase a product or service which we provide together with a third party business and the information is collected by the third party business
  • when parcels or post are handled through Citibox™ stores or third party networks.

Transferring personal information outside of the UK

Citibox™ Business Centres Limited and/or Citibox™ stores may need to transfer your personal information to third parties located outside the UK. If we do, we will ensure that information is protected to a level which meets the requirements of UK law.

Data Controller

The data controller responsible for our website is Citibox™ Business Centres Limited.

Links to third party websites

Our website, emails and social media pages may contain links to websites operated by third parties. Citibox™ (UK) Limited and Citibox™ stores are not responsible for privacy notices, policies, services offered, or other site content displayed on third party websites.

Changes to our Privacy Notice and Policy

We review our privacy notice and policy regularly and will display the current version on this webpage. Last updated March 2022.

Cookies Policy

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